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N & HO Sprung Stand Ground Throw
N & HO Sprung Stand Ground Throw Made by Caboose Industries For manual control of turnouts Max. travel 0.170" Installation and wiring instructions included Can be used for either N or HO turnout control including those made byPeco, Roco, Atlas, Micro Engineering and most others. Â Description Strong, self-lubricating black Delrin ground throws with external cam for strength and maximum throw. Molded on pin for direct mounting. All 200 series units (Sprung) have internal springs so they can be connected directly to the turnout throwbar. Measurements indicate the maximum amount of side-to-side travel when the lever is thrown.Complete ground throw includes set of five fittings for use with Roco, Micro Engineering, Peco, Atlas and most other commerical turnouts. Also includes parts to assemble one low current SPDT contact set. - 5 Selectable end fittings- Molded of strong, self-lubricating black delrin.- External cam provides maximum life and travel.- Cam design provides lock on both ends of the throw.- Direct connection to the turnout through a pin on the slide bar.- Detent to assist in holding the handle horizontal.
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Caboose Industries
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