Revitalize Your Thyroid Function Nutrition Therapy Program Precision Nutrition With Jenny Noland Revitalize Your Thyroid Function Nutrition Therapy Program

Do You Suffer From Symptoms Such As Chronic Fatigue, Hair Loss, Stubborn Weight Gain, Cold Hands And Feet, Constipation, Hair And Skin Dryness, Brain Fog, Thinning Outer Eyebrows, Low-grade Depression, Brittle Nails, Joint Pain, Infertility, Miscarriages, Etc.? You May Be Experiencing Thyroid And Adrenal Dysfunction. Delays In Addressing Early-stage Thyroid And Adrenal Dysfunction Could Lead To Other More Severe Forms Of Health Issues.​Thyroid Disease Is One Of The Most Commonly Under-diagnosed And Mismanaged Diseases, With Over Half Of All Cases Going Either Undetected Or Misdiagnosed. Sign Up For This Program Where You Can Gain Closure And Find Solutions. You Will Not Only Be Empowered With Crucial Information On Thyroid/adrenal Function But, More Importantly, Receive Detailed Analysis And Guidance On Applying Nutrition And Lifestyle Recommendations To Optimize Your Thyroid And Adrenal Functions For Optimal Energy And Vitality.​Scope Of The Program:Includes One 90-minute Initial Session + Eight 45-50-minute Sessions.Once A Month One-hour-long Group Class On The 2nd Tuesday MorningUtilization Of A Completely Secure genetic Tool To translate Genomic Data Into The Practical Lifestyle & Nutritional Recommendations Geared Toward Achieving optimal Health (23&Me Or Ancestry Genetic Data Is Required.)Detailed Health History Review Including Symptoms, Diet, Supplements, Medications, And LifestyleComprehensive Functional Lab Analysis Based On Your Blood Test Results (CMP, CBC, Lipid, Complete Thyroid Panel, Iron). We Also Use Advanced Specialty Lab Tests To Further Assess The Situation To Find The Root Causes.We Spend Unlimited Hours In And Out Of Sessions Analyzing Lab Results, Symptoms, Researching And Designing A Highly Personalized Dietary Plan And Supplement Protocols Focusing On Optimizing Thyroid And Adrenal Function.After Each Session, A Detailed Session Summary Will Be Provided As Action Plans.We Work In Conjunction With Other Healthcare Practitioners Whenever Necessary.All Sessions Are Conducted Via Zoom.​A Comprehensive Collection Of Thyroid-friendly Recipe EBooks And Other Useful Resources.Email Support In Between Sessions To Address Simple Questions Discussed In The Sessions.After You Finish The Program, Depending On The Progress, You Will Have The Following Options:Renew The Package.Transition Into A Four-session (45-minute Each) Maintenance Package.Sign Up For One Of Our monthly Membership Programs.Book By-appointment Sessions Whenever Needed.How To Start:Click On The Link Above To Order The Program.Head Over To The Book Appointment Page To Book Your Initial Consultation.If You’d Like To Inquire More Information About The Package Before Purchasing It, Please Go To The Book Appointment Page To Schedule A Free And No-obligation 20-minute Strategy Session.

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